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  • YZD280
YZD280 120~150W
YZD280 120~150W


Shell No Model Certificate Power Size Pcaking/GW Input voltage CCT Luminous efficiency  Beam angle IP Level
YZD280 SHELL 3030 YZD 120W CE 120W 280*280*120mm Ipcs6kg AC100~277V  50~60Hz 2500k-7000k 130lm/W 60/90/120 IP65
YZD 150W CE 150W 280*280*120mm Ipcs6kg AC100~277V  50~60Hz 2500k-7000k 130lm/W 60/90/120 IP65



Products description:
1. LED: High power Bridgelux or Cree LEDs, The lumen of every pcs can reach 110-130LM.
2. Driver: adopt Meanwell driver's constant current and voltage control, wide voltage range.
3. Adopt high intensity aluminum for the light body, self-cleaning and corrosion resistance.
4. Environmental friendly,no UV radiation,no mercury ;full compliance with CE,RoHS,LVD Fcc. 
5.Strict quality control.:on-line 100% lighting tests, vibration test, and 48hrs aging test.
6.Auto machine (SMT, Reflow, Waving soldering machine) : ensure mass products stability

LED High pole light application:
Mainly applied to factory, industrial sites, stadium, gas station ,park, waiting room, train station, port pier, buliding , tower and other range of energy lighting. Replace PHILIPS NVC FSL Oupu and other traditional brand light source, energy saving more than 80%, 3 years warranty. 

1.No pressing or striking.
2.Transport and handle carefully.
3.Pay attention to the voltage before using.

Trade Terms: 
1.Payment: T/T (Western Union or Paypal are welcomed).
2.Production lead time  for 100~500pcs: 25days, 500~1000pcs:35days.
3.Sample can be delivered within 3days.
4.Shipping freight are quoted under your requests.
5.Shipping port: Shenzhen, Mainland China.
6.Discounts are offered based on order quantities.
1.Adopt high intensity aluminum for the light body,surface treated with anti-aging,electroless nickel,self-cleaning and corrosion resistance.
2.Adopt high strengh shatter proof glass, impact resistance, abrasion mask high quality 5730 LED, stablity, life span 50000 hours, 10 times longer than traditional light source,low invest and high benefit green enviroment, no pollution, cool light source design, no heat radiation, no any harm for the eyes and skin.no lead and halogen,it’s real green.
3.Humanized design, easy installation and maintenance, can meet many occasion request
4.Low heat emission, low temperature for the cover
5.Good color index, more real for the physical color, can select LED's color temperature
6.Adopt meanwell driver's constant current and voltage control, wide voltage(AC90-264V),overcome the sort coming of grid and noise pollution due to the ballast
7.Excellent decoration effect, adopt special surface treatment, multiple color to select, easy installation and remove, applied widely.


STG343 60~120W
STG343  80~150W
STG670 240W~350W
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